There are many different ways Thanksgiving can play out for you. You may be single and having a Friends-giving event, you may be attending a huge family gathering, you may be having a quiet day at home, or you may be eating a microwave meal in front of the TV. And those are only a few of the possibilities. But in case, you want to have a dessert at the ready, either to enjoy it after you get home for surviving another holiday or to feed it to family and friends. This collection should meet whatever your needs are.


This is a super-fun treat that will maybe keep people out of your hair while you’re whipping up something more formal. If you have enough energy after grocery shopping for the main event, you can pack this into individual serving bags. Help keep grubby hands out of the communal bowl and also they are good for throwing at people who ask, “How much longer?” Not that I would ever throw food at someone.

It’s another fun and creative recipe from Two Sisters. 


If you’re doing a dessert table, this is a great one for Thanksgiving. It’s no bake and you know you have to have something pumpkin spice, or Cousin Jill will get all pissy. Not that you don’t love her. After all, she is family and she was there for you when you broke up with that horrible guy. But this obsession with pumpkin spice is getting out of hand. It’s Ok, this is an easy one and is no bake.

We have Dreaming in DIY to thank for keeping the peace with Jill.


So, you want to BRING IT to the table. You want everyone to be amazed by what you made? This is it, my friend. This pie is a thing of beauty. It will impress the heck out of everyone who sees it, so fair warning, you may never get out of bringing the dessert again. If that’s what you’re going for, you can thank Wilton for your new reputation as the Dessert Queen. They said to tell you that you are welcome.

Go to to see how to make this work of art.


Here’s another one that might give you a reputation that you don’t want. They’ll be talking about your magnificence for years. Layered cakes are not the quickest to make, but they are beautiful, and at least Thanksgiving only happens once a year so you have plenty of time to hone your skills and look for shortcuts. It’ll all be worth it when Christmas comes and the family realizes they better pony up if they want another great dessert from you next year.

Life, Love and Sugar created this beauty.


Here’s a big one, 27 different desserts for you to browse from They vary in terms of complexity and baking times, but there’s sure to be something here for someone at every level of their baking journey. And with things like classic pumpkin rolls and apple pies to more unique creations, there is also something for every palette.

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