I don’t know too many people who don’t love cookies. Yes, there are a few out there, but I’m not sure where they come from or what made them this way. For the rest of us, there’s nothing like a good cookie as a snack (or, you know, eating the whole batch while binge-watching your favorite show). The rest of us will have to be sure we show the cookies some extra love so they won’t feel unwanted. These recipes should help.


Salted caramel is the new pumpkin spice. That works out well for me because I’ve never been much of a pumpkin spice fan anyway. These delicious cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod aren’t any more difficult to make than a traditional chocolate chip cookie, but they sure look and taste like it. This works well if you’re a fan of the salted caramel mocha drink at Starbucks and don’t feel like waiting in line. Just mix up a batch and throw a few in the freezer for next time you get a craving.

Recipe and video at twopeasandtheirpod.com.


Baked By An Introvert (love that name!) has provided us with this great recipe that is a twist on a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe that they’ve already perfected. So, by using butterscotch chips and toffee we have a delicious way to shake things up and make something a little different than the usual chocolate chip cookie. Hey, variety is the spice of life, right?

Get the recipe here.


This is a fun and easy recipe that uses cake mix as the base ingredient. The hardest thing about it that you have to use the broiler to toast the marshmallows, but it’s well worth the extra step. They look so cute and are a unique cookie, so if you want to make something a little different for your next bake sale these babies will go like crazy. So, yes, you made a big contribution to buying those new uniforms for the band. Save a cookie for yourself as a reward for all of your hard work!

This recipe is from the genius in the kitchen at BruCrew Life.


When we think about “spice” when it comes to desserts, it seems like all we ever hear about is pumpkin spice. Well, I’ve found a great banana spice dessert for you. Take that, pumpkins! Why should YOU get all the attention? Is it not enough that you dominate fall? If you also want to give some love to bananas and bring a little humility to pumpkins, try this unique and delicious recipe from Two Sisters. Oh, and it also has cream cheese frosting.

Try this recipe and stop following the herd.


I’ve associated chocolate chip shortbread cookies ever since I visited Ireland a few years ago, and every time I have one, I’m transported back there. Especially if it’s a GOOD cookie, and this one fits the bill. Crisp and delicious, and with the added flair of being partially dipped in chocolate. I can almost hear the bagpipes playing as I enjoy these with my coffee.

Get the incredible recipe from The Stay At Home Chef.


I tried to stay away from traditional chocolate chip cookies because everyone claims their recipe is THE BEST. Truth is, I mostly like them all! But this does bring two of my favorites together. Coffee and chocolate. That pairing never gets old for me. And just to be clear, I’m not saying I’m not also going to have a cup of coffee with the cookies. Sometimes it’s good to be over-caffeinated. Just don’t ask my husband.

Lemon Tree Dwelling crafted this wonderful recipe.